About Us

Pro-Fit means PROSPERITY and FITNESS, which is at the core of our business.

The company was founded in September 2020 by licensed mechanical engineer, entrepreneur, and former shoe company owner Mr. Nelson D. Torres. He is a seasoned veteran in the Multi-level Marketing industry boasting 20 years of experience.

We are one of the first fully online multi-level marketing corporations in the Philippines that sells organic and ethically-sourced nutraceuticals, cosmetics, and household chemicals.

We are dedicated to uplifting the community by offering revolutionary entrepreneurship programs for our enterprisers

In 2021, our company was awarded the PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD for Outstanding Health and Wellness Business Opportunity. In the same year, our COO, Mr. Ronald G. Quintans, who was only 31 years old, won a DANGAL NG BAYAN AWARD for Outstanding Young Entrepreneur.

Pro-Fit started out as a family business. As such, we and our enterprisers function like a family. At Pro-Fit, we nurture a fun and warm environment as well as a culture of diligence and integrity. 

Our Vision

To be the leading nutraceutical trading and marketing company in the Philippines while utilizing SUSTAINABLE and INNOVATIVE products and business practices to exemplify INTEGRITY and PROFESSIONALISM in order to provide PROSPERITYFITNESS, and HEALTH for all.

Our Core Values

Sustainability, Innovation, Integrity, 
Professionalism, Fitness & Health

Our Mission

Prosperity and Fitness for all

Our Awards

Our Executive Team

Ronald G. Quintans

Chief Operations Officer

Nelson D. Torres


Nica C. Torres

Vice President for Marketing & Finance